Bad Poker Habits to avoid

July 4, 2019 Off By Jack

In order to win big in Soho poker online, you need to develop certain habits and avoid some habits as well. There are some poker habits which are bad and might cost you the game. You must look to avoid these bad habits so that you don’t hand over the game to your opponents. Here is a list of some of the bad habits.

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Prematurely getting ready to fold

There are a lot of players who are eager to lift their cards anticipating that they would need to fold. They do so even before it is their turn to act. For folding, you do not need any sort of preparation and thus you do not need to hurry. Showing signs that you are ready to fold give an idea to the other players who have not acted yet. This habit might not seem to cause any problem to you but these habits could be used against you in further games. Not acting hurriedly makes your opponent think hard about your cards. This will make them play cautiously and even though you are sure to lose, you will a lower amount than usual.

Counting chips in anticipation

ON the other hand, if you feel that you have a good hand, do not do anything silly like counting chips and getting them ready early. You should not do this and rather wait for the others to complete their actions. You should delay your quick action and take actions slowly. Act only when it is your turn to act. Counting chips to call or raise the bet can be done when your turn appears. Doing so would make your opponents believe that you do not have a good card and lead them to bet more money.


Try avoiding the above bad habits as much as possible. There are good chances that your opponent might take advantage of your bad habits.