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How good does your baby have it?

These are NOT the cloth diapers your mother used!

Cloth diapering has come along way since our parents cloth diapered us. Instead of pins we use SNAPS, a SNAPPI ® or even Velcro, which makes a cloth diaper seem just like a disposable. No more swishing, no more dunking, no more fussy babies! So easy now that even Daddy has NO EXCUSE! Less Diaper Rashes ** Happier Babies ** Happier Mommies!

Washing diapers has never been easier!

1. Knock off any chunks into either the toilet or waste can.
2. Put diapers into your washing machine & start filling it with HOT water
3. Put in ? – ? the regular suggested amount of detergent.
4. Put 1 cup of white vinegar into your rinse cycle to disinfect your diapers. This is not necessary but the “Downey Ball” comes in very handy for delivering the vinegar during the rinse cycle.
5. Transfer them to your dryer or hang them up.
6. Now you have fresh, clean diapers ready for your baby again!

But why should I use cloth diapers?

1. Save yourself some hard earned money. Using cloth diapers will save $1500- $2500 PER CHILD
2. Less (if any) diaper rashes for your wee one to endure!
3. Healthier than disposables.
4. Better for the environment.
5. Less trash on garbage day!
6. Quicker to potty train.
7. No more rubber pants (now use leak free stylish covers or all-in-ones).
8. Did we mention the $ you'll save?

Stop buying, bringing home and throwing out all of those disposables!

Wee Ones carries a full line of soft, absorbent and downright adorable cloth diapers. All items are handmade with careful attention taken to detail because as parents we all want the BEST for our kids! Pins are a thing of the past and snaps make cloth diapering so easy. You'll be glad you tried them! Our goal is to make it simple, easy and “pain free” for you to use cloth diapers on your wee one.

Don't let cloth diapers intimidate you and your baby will thank you for it.

By: Wee Ones


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